Sauna Solutions

We manufacture custom luxury saunas and steam room solutions consisting of high quality imported products including our wood

We supply and install imported woods to keep true to the European standards of Saunas. This includes the most commonly used Scandinavian Spruce & Obeche Wood, as well as the luxurious American Bass Wood, Western Red Cedar and Aspen

We construct our saunas at our factory, completely assembled and then, disassemble and reconstruct on site. We also ensure that our finishes are up to standard and that the overall aesthetic of your sauna is to your satisfaction

Our panels are insulated to retain heat, thereby also keeping the running cost of the heaters down.

We have various options when it comes to heaters and will always offer you the finest in quality to suit your needs and budget. All our heaters are imported and carry a 12-month guarantee


Saunas and heat therapies have been at the forefront of healing remedies and optimal wellness. Studies show that frequent sauna bathing has many health benefits. When choosing between an Infrared Sauna and a Traditional sauna it comes down to personal preference. It has not been proven that an Infrared sauna surpasses a Traditional sauna when it comes to health benefits

A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and feel better.  The sauna cabin is made from a special wood treatment to withstand high heat. Typical temperatures reach about 90°C with very low humidity. Humidity is in most cases less than 10% and is only caused by water being poured over the sauna rocks occasionally.

Custom-Built Saunas

We build customised saunas to our client’s specifications, any size and just about any shape within reason. The ceiling height of saunas is also limited to 2300mm. Above this height, the effect of the sauna is not what it should be. The type of wood and insulation used for the manufacturing of a sauna is very important to maintain good heat and be safe for humans.

The size of the sauna cabin determines the size of the heater required:
8kw   –  6-12m3  –  single or 3 phase supply
10kw – 10-18m3 –  3 phase only
16kw – 15-35m3 –  3 phase only