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We Manufacture Custom Saunas and Offer Some Of The Best And Most Well-Known Sauna Heaters and Steam Generator Brands In The World. Your Sauna Or Steam Room Can Be a Stand-Alone Feature Within Your Home, Or Can Be Part Of a Larger Scale Project Including An Addition To Your Home Gym or Spa, Or As a Feature To Your Entertainment Area.

 We Offer Great Service, Cutting Edge Design and Quality.

Sauna & Spa Rooms

We offer custom-built saunas. Any size and shape. Our saunas are manufactured from the highest quality wood. This wood is imported and kilned dried for use in saunas.

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Steam Rooms

Cosseted in clouds of water vapour, the gentle heat and high humidity seem to massage your body, increasing blood circulation and relaxing tense muscles.

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Infrared Heat

Infrared heat is safe and suitable for anyone who values efficiency and deep muscle relaxation. Those who are short on space can benefit from infrared solutions.

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Our Pride & Joy Is Our Workmanship

We strive to deliver the best quality saunas and steam rooms in South Africa.

About Us

We manufacture custom saunas featuring quality branded components such as HARVIA and TYLO which we import. Your sauna or steam room can be a stand-alone feature within your home, or part of a larger-scale project such as a pool area, gym, or other facilities. We offer great service, cutting edge design and quality.

We have been manufacturing and installing saunas, steam rooms and other spa equipment for just over 14 years. We also install Rasul equipment, Vichy showers, Mist rooms, Sensation showers & Hydro baths.

Some Of Our Work

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